Student Language Profile*

Analysis and recommendations generated in collaborations with Christine Johnson.

As an educator, I believe having a linguistic profile is a vital part of understanding the funds of knowledge our students are bringing to the classroom. The analysis is focusing on the foundations of linguistics (phonology, morphology, pragmatics, etc.) but informs more of their verbal and written skills. These profiles allow us educators to appreciate their strengths but their potential in growing and creating a plan to help support their English Language development.

*All information recorded in this document was given permission to post and share from the student.


Danny’s story in the Windows and Mirrors: 12th Grade Storytelling Showcase in IHS-HS at the Tower. November 19, 2019. Audio Sample

Written Sample:

Developmental Level (Cappellini):

Since Danny’s language features patterns pertaining to the intermediate, early advanced, and advanced levels, it was complicated to choose just one level for her. I would argue that Early Advanced is the one closest to her level. Since she used features from the advanced category, it is evident she is very skilled in her language and with continued support could reach the Advanced level. As this is only one writing and speaking sample, and the NYSESLAT assesses all four modalities, that would likely be more representative of her level.