My Teaching Philosophy

As a first-generation Filipino-American, I understand how vital the blending of cultures truly is. By being in New York City, a giant melting of cultures, ideologies, and communities, the importance of being multicultural is even more apparent at the fact that I will be dealing with the multitude of different students. By being respectful of different cultures and learning from them, I am developing a skill set that will make me a highly effective educator in an urban setting.

My vision for working with children, especially with ENLs, can see the potential they can bring into a classroom setting. I believe the saying, “No one is left behind”, especially being in a classroom setting. I believe that every student has individual needs, and it is our job, as teachers, to fulfill those needs. I want to set my students up for success, and that means they need to be motivated. I strongly believe children have the potential to learn, and there are many ways of applying to it. I hope to accomplish my work as an educator and a practicing artist to be able to digest and learn different ways, including students, to get in whatever classroom environment they are applying their learning. As someone who is personally a visual learner, I hope to build a positive learning environment for whoever I teach and see the potential growth in their success for their future.

As an aspiring educator, I hope to be able to engage with the students and inspire the same kind of ideals and passion I show in a classroom setting. From my experience growing up in New York City, having a teacher-student relationship is a learning process. We are all teachers and students learning together to better our views in engaging and learning. It’s an ever-growing wonder.